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Compatible Array(s)


Wire Sizes

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 Chip-Lok® LED CoB Array Holder, Pack of 500

Bridgelux® V22

250V(cUL) 150V(ENEC)

18-24 AWG

0,25-1,00 MM2


Max Temp (C) 110°

The IDEAL Chip-Lok® LED COB Array Holder is fabricated from hardened stainless steel. The stainless provides creep-proof thermal pressure that will last the life of the luminaire. Additionally, the stainless provides a thermal path to your heat sink, providing a Tc temperature 5-8 degrees C cooler than if using competitive holders or screws.

The built-in spring holds the array in position before assembly to the heat sink. This, combined with the screw keyways, makes for the fastest and easiest assembly even when using thermal grease. Available for various holder sizes, the Chip-Lok® uses industry standard dimensions to allow for simple change from one component to another.

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